The PowerDMS platform connects your policies, training, and accreditation to bring compliance to life.


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A platform specialized for you

The PowerDMS platform connects your policies, training, and accreditation to bring compliance to life.

How PowerDMS is different from the rest

Many policy management solutions let you store, organize, create, disseminate, and track policies. But very few create a living connection between your policies, training, and accreditation.

The top problems we solve

Outdated Processes

In the absence of a good policy management system, policy and process can easily slip through the cracks of your organization. There are many pieces to successful policy management, but a system connects those pieces together to create a unified whole.

Lack of Accountability

By using a robust, automated policy management system, you give employees easy access to your critical documents. This builds trust, improves performance, and increases compliance. Think of it as a built-in accountability system, right at your fingertips.

Managing Life Cycles

The right policy management solution gives you control over documents across their entire life cycle. Documents need to be updated, old versions need to be archived, and new versions need to be published, disseminated, and tracked. That’s a lot to do manually, and it’s neither time- nor cost-effective.

Mapping Policies

Mapping policies to accreditation standards is no easy task, especially if you have to do it manually. If you want to get accredited in less time, you’ll need an accreditation management solution that can simplify and automate the process for you.

Controlling Access

Policies, procedures, and processes impact both operations and liability. It comes down to three important types of access: access for employees, access for you, and access for stakeholders. Without proper access to important information, each of these groups operate less efficiently and safely, leading to increased liability.

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