PANTHEON Enterprise

PANTHEON Enterprise

PANTHEON Enterprise is a business system for medium-sized enterprises.


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PANTHEON Enterprise

ERP Software for Medium-Sized Companies

PANTHEON Enterprise is business software for medium-sized companies betting on progress. This powerful tool gives you complete and in-depth control over your business, allowing you to achieve your goals more quickly.

Master the tool, upgrade your business processes, so that you don’t have to compromise on success.

The right data in the right moment.

Track everything that’s going on in your company and make decisions based on facts not guesswork.

Business Intelligence - Analyses and reports at your back and call.

Without knowing the past you can’t plan for the future.

Total overview for uninterrupted operations.

Centralized overview of operations allows you to manage your company stress-free and reliably.

Accelerate your company’s growth.

A flexible program that’s always developing makes it easy to implement changes in your business and prepares you for success.


can always rely on PANTHEON‘s automated processes to make report creation, salary calculation, posting easier as well as improve the accounting department’s operations.

Satisfy specific needs.

Datalab and its partners have created a number of vertical integrations that upgrade and enhance PANTHEON.


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