The iSelect product is a very extensive software package intended for warehouse and material business.


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Is intended for medium and large distribution companies with a number of branches.

Comprehensive software which is intended for medium and large distribution businesses with a number of branches, production companies using warehouses (the emphasis is on the warehouses) and service providing companies.
We present the software package iSelect, built on MS-SQL database. It is highly transparent and user-friendly since it only demands some basic knowledge of Windows OS and material management.

Software comprises an entire set of programs for a wide scope of businesses:

  • Sales and purchasing (pro forma invoices, offers, prepayment invoices, invoicing, acceptances, provisional acceptances, tracking received and issued orders by tracing them to other documents, work orders…),
  • Warehouse management (transfers of inventory between warehouses, material requisition form, inventory checks, valuation of stock…),
  • Sales of goods (retail and wholesale) with associated documents and numerous statements according to the selected criteria.

Program is easily connected and compatible with some of our additional programs: iFinance (the ledger with accounts), iSets (fixed assets), Intrastat report included… Long-lasting cooperation with over a hundred users of our software enabled us to take into account many suggestions, options and specifics that could meet the need of any company’s business operations.

Software package for material management

Includes modules for wholesale and retail (unlimited number of cash registers), tracking received and issued orders, offers, pro forma invoices, bills, receipts, delivery notes, transverses, cancelations, credit notes, payments, prepayment invoices, complaint record form, Intrastat reports, sales of consignment items, stock reservations, inventory check, monitoring agent sales, turnover calculations according to paid realization and margin, information sheets on book of accounts and credit notes, tax calculation, BOM management.

Enables keeping records of stock according to purchase prices (FIFO method), realization review, RVC, according to individual projects…

It is very user friendly and it produces a number of records that can be exported to different file types (PDF, RTF, XLS as well as many others) or emailed.

The programs allows managing business operations of more retail and wholesale branches in addition to producing retail sale offers (e.g. 3 items for the price of 2 etc.) or retail closeout sales. There is also an advanced interface for retail pricing, clearing retail purchases for the purpose of issuing discounts and credit notes, entering realization retail plans and comparison with the actual realization.

The module for wholesale allows producing separate price lists for each individual customer by individual items or services or groups. The price list can be custom fit for groups of your business partners.

Added is a pricing interface allowing simple price setting for any item. The stock can be kept and monitored for each individual warehouse, location, micro location, without comments or with serial numbers… The equivalents could also be assigned to any items.

Producing work, maintenance and production orders is fairly simple. Statistics prints are also available in the form of circular and linear diagrams.

It produces a number of prints that can be exported to different file types (PDF, RTF, XLS as well as many others) or emailed.

Multi-lingual support (CRO, BIH, SRB, ENG, GER). The program allows users to keep and handle received and issued orders, reviews of undelivered goods. It also automatically prepares orders for different suppliers based on the past turnover, min/max/sig stock…

This packaging support module is intended to process packages slips, received packages, packaging orders… Program checks set limits as well as due / past due items, which can be managed within iSelect or in iFinance (main ledger/subsidiary accounts). Different notifications can be set on different documents. The module allows linking documents to other types of documents, creation of documents form templates, joint invoicing from uninvoiced issues…

To make e-business more user friendly, the program allows users to export documents to XML format, while also supporting standard e-SLOG. In addition, it is possible to grant access rights to the individual groups of users as well as create any new groups.