The Hermes.eShop package is an "all-in-one" solution, which provides comprehensive trade management.


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To effectively run a store, retailers today use a variety of business tools that remain unrelated to each other, and so is data. Sounds familiar? The answer is in the Hermes.eShop solution, which is based on the global Odoo platform and offers everything you need for a successful business, such as online shopping, marketing tools, CRM, ERP and more.

Manage customers with Odoo CRM

Keep all customer information in one place
Plan and organize sales activities based on sales scenarios. Manage communication with the customer. All customer information is visible through a 360 degree view in one place.

Monitor sales growth against planned targets.

Expand sales online

Get closer to customers through online shopping and increase sales

You can set up an online store in Odoo with just one click. Information about the items is already in Odoo, you just need to publish it in the Odoo online store. You can customize your graphics with an advanced web editor.

Do you already have an online store and don't want to change it? Use one of the existing plugins (Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify and many others) and easily connect to Odoo.

Develop your marketing strategy

Put your business on autopilot.

Odoo contains all the important marketing tools you can use to address and nurture your customers. Create segmented lists and send personalized offers. Monitor campaign performance and automate customer notifications.

Control your supply chain

Access all supplier documents with just one click 
You can track orders, inventory, contracts and set your sales policy in one place. You can submit inquiries to şupliers or automate ordering with the help of minimum stocks.

Track inventory across different warehouses and locations. You can easily support inventory management with barcode readers.

Business reports and analytics

Hermes.eShop gives you complete control over your business. By using various reports on purchases, sales, inventory, margin, you have all the information you need for business decisions.

With the prepared data warehouse, you can also use external advanced analytical tools (Power BI, Qlik Sense and others) for business analysis.

Complement your business with other tools

StockInvoicingPOSOnline paymentsMarketingProduction

Automate ordering 

Inventory tracking is simplified and automated. It allows automatic ordering when the stock level falls below the minimum quantity. With serial numbers and lots, you can track your products throughout the entire buying and selling process.

Electronic invoicing 

You can prepare one-time or recurring invoices, issue them electronically in the form of an e-invoice or send them to the customer by e-mail. The solution is fully in line with Slovenian legislation.

Issue tax certified invoices

You can now easily make your sale in a physical store as well. You can use POS in "online" or "offline" mode. In the event of a power outage, you can operate smoothly.

All payments fully integrated  

Odoo already has various payment intermediaries integrated, such as Paypal, Stripe and others. As a result, it is possible to pay by credit card as well as direct transfer to the bank account.

Optimize marketing

Accelerate your sales and after-sales activities with a variety of marketing tools.

You can segment customers according to past purchases and inform them about new current offers through campaigns using e-mail or SMS marketing tools.

Assemble your products

With the help of the production module, you can efficiently assemble your bill of materials and support your production process in an easy way.  


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