Unistar LC d.o.o.

Unistar LC d.o.o.

The core business of Unistar LC is designing, developing, installing, maintaining and outsourcing all kinds of ICT solutions and services.

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Unistar LC d.o.o.

Unistar LC has one of the longest histories in the market among the Slovenian IT providers, as it was founded back in 1989. With its experience, know-how and established partnerships with international IT firms, Unistar LC has managed to build a broad circle of satisfied clients, who use our support to build highly efficient information systems. Unistar LC currently employs more than 50 highly qualified experts from various fields including management of ICT, ensuring our clients reliable, flexible, easily accessible and safe solutions. Exactly ICT solutions like these positively impact our clients' business processes and, in turn, their business results. Our successful work leads to regular and stable annual growth. We are one of the top Slovenian providers of computer & communication equipment and accompanying services. Our headquarters is in Ljubljana, but we operate successfully over the entire Slovenia and in the wider region.

Comprehensive Value-Adding Solutions

The core business of Unistar LC is designing, developing, installing, maintaining and outsourcing all kinds of ICT solutions and services. These solutions help our clients achieve top results in their industries. We provide comprehensive solutions, which are tailored to the needs and requirements of our clients and in line with the best practices and know-how, merging technical and expert knowledge into user-friendly IT environments.

Our vision

Unistar LC aims to be one of the leading providers of system integration. Through high customer satisfaction, it strives to be a stable and growing business.

Our Mission

Unistar LC develops comprehensive solutions and services for the safety, accessibility and cost-efficiency of our clients' IT systems.

Our Values

Unistar LC aims to be a leading provider of system integration. We are therefore constantly developing the values that define our business and problem solving with a high degree of reliability, a fundamental value for our company. We focus on developing a comprehensive set of services to watch over our clients' IT systems and to take care of their safety, accessibility and efficiency 24/7. Our corporate culture encourages the highest level of ambition and proactive behaviour of our staff. Our employees are distinguished by a high level of innovation and a multitude of acquired skills. Their desire for excellence, autonomy and self-improvement is key for a successful business and good work. At Unistar LC, we never lose sight of the benefits for our clients. Growth of our clients is also growth of our company – a fruit of mutual cooperation and trust.

The benefits

With its long presence in Slovenia, Unistar LC ranks high among the well-established companies in the market. Through a wide range of services and solutions, we offer our clients reliable IT solutions, which are tailored to their individual needs in the best possible way. Our teams possess a lot of know-how and experience, as they have implemented IT solutions to upgrade many financial institutions, trading companies, logistics companies, tourism enterprises, manufacturers, and public administration companies.