ST sistemi, d.o.o.

ST sistemi, d.o.o.

ST sistemi d.o.o. is Datalab's partner for the implementation of the Pantheon software package.


ST sistemi, d.o.o.

About ST sistemi

What do we do?

ST sistemi d.o.o. is Datalab's partner for the implementation of the Pantheon software package. 
We also take care of the infrastructure in the companies we work with. This includes the maintenance of computer equipment (workstations, servers) and other infrastructure such as networks and inter-site connections.

And to make sure it doesn't end there, we also provide accounting services for our clients. So we can say that we offer our clients a one-stop shop. This is where we have the biggest advantage over our competitors, because whatever the customer needs, they get from us. There is no need to make unnecessary calls and talk to each other.

If you really want to turn data into profit, contact ST Systems Ltd.


We offer PANTHEON business software for a variety of needs - from a basic package suitable for the needs of start-ups and sole traders to more advanced packages with additional functionality and extensions.

For caterers

Be more efficient in serving your customers with hospitality software. They make it easy and friendly to work with cash registers and effectively control the management of your restaurant's merchandise operations. Focus on your customers, not your business.


We offer quality accounting services for small and medium-sized businesses and sole traders. We provide expert advice and help our clients achieve better business results with our consistency and timeliness.

Other services

You can also contact us if you need any other services: maintenance and set-up of complex networks, sale of computer equipment, installation of original software, cash registers, set-up of servers on Windows platform.