SOLVIKS d.o.o.

SOLVIKS d.o.o.

Web and mobile software development, advanced digital transformation, custom microservices platform, business intelligence automation.

Software Development Advanced Digital TransformationCustom Microservices PlatformBusiness Process Automation

SOLVIKS d.o.o.

The Solve-x team consist of senior, experienced IT leaders and young, bold developers. With background based on experience and fresh, out of the box ideas we want to colour each new project with client’s specific note.

We offer full IT support to reach all business goals – whether it is hosting and maintenance of servers, development and full support of CRM systems, development of top application, creating a presentation website, web shop or corporate visual identity.

We always insure the highest level of security and last available web technologies. Our top solutions are supporting data collection, organisation and management for clients and working with large databases.

We do it with passion and dedication.


We transform your existing data and processes into digital form to enable your business to achieve a competitive edge and prepare it for future innovation and development in the digital world.


With our modular approach to development, we represent your business services as finely-grained blocks of functionalities, that allow us to rapidly change and adapt the combined whole to changing business requirements, all while keeping the system resilient, operational and ready for future innovations.


We help you untangle and automate the web of processes in your organization, so you can gain clarity and vision over your business, increase speed, reduce operational costs and innovate your business by developing and deploying new processes.


With know-how of both marketing, market research and automation, as well as a dedicated product used and proven at scale, we improve your marketing processes to allow you to effectively reach your customers on multiple channels and streamline your marketing processes.


Our solutions are built to be scalable from the ground-up, so we ensure that as your business, user base and the amounts of data required to process grow, so does the software and processes that support it.