Smart Octopus Solutions d.o.o.

Smart Octopus Solutions d.o.o.

We develop solutions for gift card and event management, loyalty programs and marketing automation.

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Smart Octopus Solutions d.o.o.

Smart Octopus Solutions is a team of experts united by their passion for disruptive technology and a vision of a new digital landscape. They specialize in solving problems related to various forms of identification and offer support with software solutions across different industry fields. Their expertise in gift card management, event management, marketing automation, loyalty programs, and RFID technologies positions them as a versatile player in the tech domain. By developing solutions like gift card and event management systems, and marketing automation, Smart Octopus Solutions addresses the needs of various sectors, providing solutions that are both quality-centric and customizable. Their commitment is to define and solve problems, enhance customer experiences, and support clients with both existing and custom software solutions, ultimately helping businesses grow and achieve their goals​.

The company firmly believes in digitalization as the future, underscoring their commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancement and digital solutions​.

Custom identification and automation software solutions - for event management, gift card management, loyalty programmes and much more



A "all-in-one" solution for efficient and comprehensive management of event participants both online (real-time) and on-site (using smart technology and
tracking tools). Ienables fast and simple setup of an event landing page, fast digital registration at the entrance and records movement of attendees and marketing automation


"Customer loyalty integration process" is a personalized solution with which we enable clients to plan, establish and implement, diverse loyalty programs. You can choose between various loyalty programs even the simple “cash-back” option. We also connect our own and existing solutions with marketing automation tools.


An online gift card management platform designed for shopping malls, retail chains and other multi- location businesses (restaurants, cafés...). It offers a simple system for tracking the sale and redemption of gift cards in real-time, 24/7. It is user-friendly with custom levels for use in stores, marketing department and accounting. 

Marketing automation

Automate marketing processes and marketing campaigns across multiple sales channels to optimize the time, work, and efficiency of your marketing. Start tailoring communication to the needs of your customers.

  • Identifying and tracking website visitors
  • Design and send personalized marketing emails
  • Construction and installation of web forms, landing pages
  • Management, segmentation and scoring of contacts within the CRM system
  • Automate customized content to communicate at the right time in the best way
  • Marketing automation can be used as an individual tool or connected

Marketing automation can be used as an individual tool or connected with our other solutions -  IDConference, SmartGifty and CLIP


The team at Smart Octopus Solutions is led by Jurij Triller, the CEO, and Tomaž Jurich, the CTO. Key team members also include Blaž Lanišek, an RFID specialist and Head of Projects, Rok Kambič, Head of Development, and the marketing duo of Nika Horvat & Samo Gaberšek. Additionally, the company benefits from the expertise of other mentors, developers, and creative minds, contributing to its diverse and dynamic environment.


A notable reference for Smart Octopus Solutions is their collaboration with Supernova, the largest chain of shopping centers in Slovenia. The company provided Supernova with the SmartGifty online platform for gift card management, merging the Supernova and Qlandia gift card systems into a seamless, comprehensive solution.