Leading regional provider of DTM (Digital Transaction Management). BetrSign ( is the central brand for the management and implementation of signature workflows and electronic signatures.

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SETCCE develops and markets cloud services for managed digital transactions. The core BetrSign service provides the best user experience for electronic signatures in a variety of environments and for any business process. With a range of signature techniques, users run their processes and sign at their desks, in the office, in the field or remotely from home.

Betrsign is an innovative product that allows you to access websites easily and securely. With its advanced authentication system and contactless technology, Betrsign provides you with reliable protection for your online accounts and data.

Using advanced algorithms and unique digital certificates, Betrsign makes it easy and fast to log in to websites without the need to remember many usernames and passwords. In addition, Betrsign also offers two-step verification, which further increases the security of your account.

By simply installing the Betrsign app on your smartphone or other device, you can access your online accounts anytime, anywhere. Betrsign is compatible with many popular online platforms and allows easy synchronisation between devices.