RC IRC Celje, d.o.o.

RC IRC Celje, d.o.o.

Since the 1970s, RC IRC Celje has been combining business process management with pioneering breakthroughs in information technology.


RC IRC Celje, d.o.o.

RC IRC Celje brings together a homogeneous group of development experts who, with a good knowledge of the Slovenian business environment, legislation, standards and content components of business systems, offer various families of application solutions.

As a creative organism, the company is committed to the development, deployment and maintenance of IT products that enable various business systems to leapfrog to the level of excellence, quality and reliability.

Strategy and activities

The company's core business is the development and deployment of modern and comprehensive business information systems to support the business processes of companies aiming to stay ahead of the competition.

The company's market advantage is mainly represented by its tailor-made processes of consulting, development, implementation and maintenance of unique business information systems for different business environments:

  • Healthcare
  • Public institutions and companies
  • Industry and manufacturing companies
  • Banking


RC IRC Celje keeps pace with the rapid development in the field of information technology and provides its partners with new implementation solutions.

To this end, RC IRC has established strategic partnerships with key IT technology suppliers in both hardware and software.