Perftech d.o.o.

Perftech d.o.o.

We operate in the computer and IT engineering market with in-house software development.


PerftEch d.o.o.

Our business

We operate in the computer and IT engineering market with in-house software development. We build ERP systems, develop and sell multi-media solutions and services, sell IT solutions, computer and communication equipment and system integrations. This variety of business segments lets us offer a diverse mix of integrated and complementary IT solutions and services. In addition to our know-how and experience, this is our main competitive advantage that makes it possible for us to design solutions for various clients, including small, medium and large companies in different industries with diverse requirements.

Our key business areas are divided into two programmes:

  • Application Software
  • System Integration and Equipment


Our mission is building high-quality, user-friendly and effective IT and communication solutions to bring competitive edge to our clients. Our solutions usually include at least one of our products. In this way we achieve high value-added to the satisfaction of our owner and staff. The company's mission is also to maintain a creative environment that lets our employees channel their creativity into products and satisfy their creative urge.


PERFTECH d.o.o. will become one of the leading Slovenian providers of comprehensive business IT solutions integrating our own application software, and system integration of technical solutions on domestic and foreign markets.


Development, openness, innovation and creativity to achieve a winning advantage, integrability of different products into a single solution, commitment to our business partners (suppliers, customers, users), honesty, courtesy, kindness, respect and harmony between people (business partners, users, staff, owners), our own and our business partners' performance, long-term relationships, trust, responsibility, reliability and quality, professionalism, in-house knowledge, agility, initiative, orderliness, autonomy, pride, corporate social responsibility, tradition.