Website development, design, webshop development, visual communications, business web solutions and advertising are our key business segments.

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Website development, design and web solutions are the core business of our company. We focus on the modern medium - the Internet - and its related business web solutions. We provide comprehensive and quality solutions and their connection with modern information media - the Internet.


Business web solutions enable global business. They enable you to harness the information potential of the web. This makes it possible for companies to work closely with their users.

Web solutions enable mobility. All you need is Internet access and a web browser. The advantage here is the possibility of simultaneous work of a large number of users, without limitation of geographical locations.

Of course, this is only part of the possibilities of web-based systems, as innovations and developments are a daily occurrence. Seize the opportunities and improve your business. Contact us and we'll be happy to show you our solutions for your business. Our solutions are individualised and tailored to the needs of each customer.


Website development is our core business. Do you have a business or project and want to showcase it? Maybe you already have a website but no success? Find out about the benefits of website development.

Website development covers everything. We can arrange for you: internet domain registration, corporate identity, web design, web development, server hosting and website support. Websites are created by a team of experts in different fields, thus achieving top quality.

We also take care of their further maintenance, website hosting and active web promotion.

Websites are tailor-made to the client's requirements. All our websites include solutions that allow you to manage your website independently, content management systems CMS systems for up-to-date web content.

The quality of our web design is proven by our satisfied customers, with whom we build on long-term cooperation, and by the awards we have received for our projects to date.


Creating an online shop or creating an internet shop is an opportunity. Companies are looking for new markets and new marketing channels for their products.  Sales has thus found its new marketing channel - the Internet, which has many advantages. Creating an online shop requires a quality partner.

We develop online shops for sales to end customers (B2C shops - online product shops, online bookstores, electronic catalogues, etc.) as well as systems for business-to-business trade (B2B online shops - eCatalogues, online business shops, etc.).


Web banners have become an important part of a company's advertising via the Internet. Banner advertisements are the most important part of active promotion of websites on the Internet. They can be animated GIF images, JPGs or advanced Flash format, which can make banner ads look amazing and present the ideas of websites.

We create and design games, input forms, sound effects and more. More importantly, web banners have the power to draw the visitor to them. They are important for branding and online marketing.

We can create banner ads in a variety of formats and sizes for different websites and web portals. We also produce extended banners (roll down), advanced pop-ups and other modern online ad formats.


Present your ideas to the masses with quality through the state-of-the-art possibilities offered by today's presentation equipment. We produce different types of multimedia presentations - from CD-ROMs, to website slideshows, to trade fair presentations with video projectors.

We take into account the characteristics of each medium, the purpose and the target audience.
You can check our multimedia presentations among our references on the references pages.


Customer Relationship Management - CRM systems are indispensable for companies that want quality and transparency in the work of their customers, suppliers, internal users and all others connected in any way with the company's relationship with its customers.

We create systems that are tailor-made for the business and integrate with the client's existing business solutions. The aim of the system is to create a unified and high quality database of customer information, customer related activities and all other supporting activities. As it is a highly customised customer system, it is difficult to describe all its capabilities in a few lines.


Just having a website is like opening a shop on the outskirts of town and relying on the fact that whoever comes by might stop. It's like that in the world of the internet too. The number of websites is huge and growing every day. Passively waiting for someone to find you is pointless and hopeless. Step forward.

Get active! Don't let the competition overtake you while you wait. Decide to position your website online in a quality way. We are here to help you by creating integrated Internet promotional strategies. We develop the strategy, design the ads, prepare the marketing campaign for placing ads on individual media and, very importantly, coordinate all the campaigns.

We are an advertising marketing agency that works with all the most important online players. We produce campaigns for our own clients as well as for external clients. Advertising with us has many advantages and benefits.