Nova Vizija d.d.

Nova Vizija d.d.

Nova Vizija d.d. is one of the leading providers of software in the fields of medical and business informatics in Slovenia.

Nova Vizija d.d.

Nova Vizija d.d. is one of the main providers of software in the medical and business areas in Slovenia. We develop and market the ProMedica product for primary healthcare and provide services for various healthcare institutions. In the field of business informatics, we develop and market an integrated information system (ERP) ProPIS, which also includes various specialised solutions, mainly for the food industry and for public institutions. We also develop other products and provide services directly or indirectly related to the development of information systems, mainly for public administration. Our main competences include analysis and design of information systems, mastery of Microsoft platform technologies (most competences include SQL and .NET) and IT project management.

Our extensive experience in managing complex information systems construction projects and our high-quality staff give us the assurance of comprehensive mastery of the fields:

  • Strategic planning of information systems,
  • construction, deployment and maintenance of computer solutions,
  • consulting and training,
  • management and implementation of customer projects.

Company vision

The strategic objectives related to our software products include continuous technological modernisation, providing access to modern services (e.g. telemedicine treatment of patients), increasing the level of integration with other information systems in the economy and in public administration, and providing even more comprehensive IT support services. To achieve these objectives, we are continuously improving our ability to master new technologies, improve our IT project management skills and establish links and cooperation with complementary domestic and foreign companies. A significant part of our revenues is allocated to research and development. A very important strategic objective is to maintain a low staff turnover rate, which allows us to maintain and develop the most important values of our company, which are responsibility towards our customers in the long term, creativity in our work and in our solutions, respectful and relaxed relations with each other, and the diversity and uniqueness of our activities. The strategic objective of the business is to maintain long-term stability and at least moderate profitability despite the various crises.

Company history

Nova Vizija was founded in 1998, taking over the tradition, experience and success of Vizija d.o.o. Vizija was founded in 1989 when a group of systems engineers, who had already been successfully developing information systems for hospital and primary health care in a PC environment, combined their knowledge and experience. We first introduced ourselves on the Slovenian market in the field of medical informatics. Then, during a period of relatively rapid company growth, we also developed solutions for business systems, with which we successfully established ourselves on the domestic market. In 2006, the company, which had been employee-owned all along, was transformed into a public limited company. In recent years, Nova Vizija d.d. has also established itself as a supplier of higher education IT systems and a provider of procurement projects in public administration. Over the years, we have successfully changed several different IT technologies and approaches and have developed into a modern company employing almost exclusively IT and computer science professionals.

Business Informatics

Nova Vizija has more than 30 years of experience in business informatics. During this period, we have developed an industry solution for the meat processing industry.

The core IT solution is the ProPIS business information system, which is continuously updated and upgraded according to market needs and regulatory changes in cooperation with our customers. The comprehensiveness, modularity, flexibility, scalability and integration of ProPIS with other IT solutions make ProPIS suitable for use by large companies, cooperatives and public institutions as well as smaller private companies. ProPIS "grows" with them.

Medical Informatics

Nova Vizija has more than 30 years of experience in the healthcare sector. We build lasting and good relationships with our customers. We work hard to support the professional work of healthcare professionals with our IT solutions, to simplify administrative work, to connect patients and healthcare staff, and to ensure that work in clinics runs as smoothly as possible so that healthcare staff can focus on their primary task - helping patients.