LANCom d.o.o.

LANCom d.o.o.

We set up system, security and business solutions that enrich the information environments in Slovenia and abroad.

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LANCom d.o.o.

30 years of experience in the field of complete solutions

Our priority is understanding user needs and employing the best professionals. We specialize in system integration, security solutions, business informatics, and transportation solutions. Our goal is to enhance workflow efficiency and reduce operational costs for our clients. We strive for the highest quality of service with coordinated and connected architectures and the latest technologies, supported by years of experience and expert staff.

Solutions and Services

System Integration
- Storage Arrays: Secure data storage with efficient management and backup solutions.
- Desktop Equipment: Supply and support for modern computing equipment.
- Monitoring: Monitoring and managing system performance.
- Server Solutions: Optimized server solutions for various needs.
- Network Solutions: Advanced solutions for stable and secure network infrastructure.
- Outsourcing: External IT support services for companies.
- Backup: Solutions for data backup.

Security Solutions
- Firewalls: Next-generation firewalls for effective intrusion protection.
- SIEM: Security Information and Event Management systems.
- IT Audit: Review and assessment of IT security.
- XDR Solutions: Advanced threat detection and response.
- Privileged Access: Securing access to sensitive systems.
- Email Protection: Solutions for email security.

Business Informatics
- IBM Document System: Digital document management accessible anytime, anywhere.
- IBM Business Analytics: Advanced analytics for business decisions.
- ERP iScala: Comprehensive ERP solutions for business management.
- IBM Cloud Paks: Integrated solutions for cloud business operations.
- E-Documents and Signing: Digital document management and electronic signing.

Transportation Solutions
- PIS (Passenger Information System): Informing passengers about current transport schedules and events.
- RSMS: Fleet management and control system.
- Custom Development: Custom solutions for specific transportation needs.