Krajnik d.o.o.

Krajnik d.o.o.

We provide Microsoft Business Central and LS Central solutions. Furthermore, our vision is to be a supplier of professional hardware for the retail trade, warehousing, logistics and manufacturing industries.


Krajnik d.o.o.

A brief history

The company is part of the Krajnik Group established in 1992. We started operations in May 1992. From the very beginning, we have been selling and servicing computer hardware and system software. The company began to expand rapidly in terms of the scope of work and staff numbers. In 1997, the company became a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider. In 1998 it then became a Navision Solution Centre. A year later, the company started to expand into the retail and hospitality business. At the end of 1999, the company bought the premises where it still operates today.

Scope of activity

The company's core activities are the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics ERP Navision and Business Central, as well as LS NAV, LS Hospitality and LS Central solutions. The second important business segment includes system support, hardware sales and service, maintenance and support. Our target group are small and medium enterprises. We offer a wide range of in-house skills and address our customers' needs as comprehensively as possible. Krajnik d.o.o. offers comprehensive information system and hardware solutions.

In our Business Solutions department, we have joined forces with the consultants, system engineers and software solution designers experienced in the operations of larger companies. We integrate experience and knowledge, allowing us to carry out even very large projects. In addition to the production, warehouse operations and accounting, we also focus on software for the retail and hospitality industry, so we can support companies whose business is wide and diversified. In particular, the retail, logistics and warehousing business, servicing and manufacturing also require communication with external devices such as readers, terminals, POS equipment, dedicated computers and more. Our company incorporates both system and business knowledge so that we can provide a comprehensive response to our customers' requirements and needs.

Together with our subsidiaries, we collaborate with clients operating internationally and/or representing foreign companies in Slovenia. We have clients in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Austria and Italy.


We aim to become a major provider of Microsoft Business Central and LS Central solutions in Slovenia, neighbouring countries, and the Western Balkans. Furthermore, our vision is to be a supplier of professional hardware for the retail trade, warehousing, logistics and manufacturing industries. Our goal is to provide our clients with know-how, development and quality of our software, hardware, and services. Given the scale and breadth of our business, we want to be a partner to companies operating in several countries in the region and needing wider support. Our second goal is to enable even smaller companies to use modern solutions.