The team consists of art directors / information architects / communication strategists / brand strategists / front end developers / back end developers / creative directors / project managers / copywriters / producers / user experience specialists / project managers / graphic designers / web designers / media strategists.

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Innovation By Innovatif 

Innovation is at the forefront of everything we do. We're always on the lookout for better, smarter, more efficient solutions. Not just for brands, but also for the people they're for. Whether it's designing new brands, setting up websites, finding new ways to communicate or planning a strong digital presence - the goal is the same. To get people to notice your brand faster, hear your message more clearly and embrace your ideas with open arms. That's why we approach every business, brand and project with the same attitude and the same Innovatif process, proven to deliver results.

Better business. Better brands.

Business Brand Platforms 


We take a holistic view of brands, so before we start a project, we undertake a thorough analysis of the current situation. From the data gathered, we gain insights that help us build a solid framework for a well-thought-out strategic brand positioning in the marketplace.

Brand development 

A strong brand creates a unique position in the marketplace and achieves its objectives. Together, we can design a new brand, strengthen the foundations of existing brands or strategically guide their development. We strive for authenticity and relevance - brands that stand the test of time and are able to adapt and evolve with their users.

Communication and creative services 

Every communication campaign is a story that creates and deepens a relationship with a brand and contributes to its added value. We design and execute stories and content that are in line with the brand identity, the client's needs and the media and technologies prevailing in the market. Whatever the size or nature of the communication challenge, we always keep the long-term strategic direction of the brand in mind.

Digital platforms and solutions 

The digital world is a world of constant change. We keep up-to-date with them to create high-quality and technologically advanced online appearances. Based on in-depth, bespoke analysis, we design and build websites that effectively showcase our offerings and online stores that convert visitors into loyal customers. We take care of digital presence in a holistic way, with a variety of products, all sharing a sophisticated user experience.

Online presence management 

Our brand care doesn't end with the creation of online platforms and channels. In fact, that's when the brand's online presence story comes to life. We strategise each digital activity, define the content management method, refine the online presence and optimise it according to the objectives. We provide all the support you need to manage your individual digital channels or take care of them completely.

Media leasing 

There are many different paths to the consumer. As your media buying agency, we make sure that your media strategy is the optimal mix of media and tactics to get your message in front of your target audience, drive action and make the most of your financial investment.

Training and workshops 

We don't leave our clients alone, even after the project has been completed. Because partnership is one of our core values, we always equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to continue on your own on the path to a perfect digital presentation.