We are experts in software, hardware and workflows in finance and manufacturing. We use our IT solutions to optimise the work of your employees.

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Complete business

We cover the full range of business operations - from production to payroll. Our experience translates into optimal solutions tailored to your needs. We equip you with both software and hardware and make sure your data and your investment are protected.

Quick set-up

You can start using the basic modules almost immediately, while the others require only a few setup steps. For more complex processes, we'll help you with the set-up, and if necessary, we'll also bring in a team of external experts.

User support

We have been on the market for twenty-five years with our solutions, and we could not have achieved this without adequate support for our customers. Your IT investment with us will be a safe investment that will never be without support.

What can we offer you?

Integrated IT solutions

Enterprise-wide software solutions
A tailor-made software package: modular, flexible, tailored to your needs.

Data archiving
Solutions for remote and local archiving of important documents, emails and databases.

Mobile solutions
InfoSys Mobile is a suite of dedicated applications for working quickly on recurring business events away from the office.

A web portal that enables the integration and administration of communication within a company.

Computer networks
Advice on the purchase and configuration of wired and wireless networks and protection against intrusion.

Hardware maintenance
We install the appropriate hardware, licensed system programs, anti-virus protection and everything else needed to work smoothly and safely.

Digital transformation training
We are providers of training in the field of digitisation of processes and effective use of digital technologies, registered in the DIH Slovenia training catalogue.