IN.SIST d.o.o.

IN.SIST d.o.o.

IN.SIST d.o.o. has become a recognised partner in the field of ERP systems with its long-standing experience and reliability.


IN.SIST d.o.o.

Who are we?

In.SIST d.o.o. has become a recognized partner in the field of ERP systems with its long experience and reliability. Our team is dedicated to each customer and solution. This way we ensure smooth work and increased productivity for our clients.

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Why choose us?

At In.SIST d.o.o., we constantly ensure that our employees achieve the required level of knowledge and expertise. We ensure this through regular training and licensing of our employees. Our efforts are also confirmed by our position among the premium partners of Datalab and our long-standing partnership with Cisco, the largest manufacturer of network equipment.

  • Datalab Pantheon deployment
  • Development and customisation of modules
  • Fast and responsive support
  • Creation of store websites
  • IT systems setup and maintenance
  • Outsourcing

Our experience

  • Development - 15 years
  • Design - 15 years
  • Marketing - 7 years