Grad d.d.

Grad d.d.

Grad d.d. is one of the leading Slovenian companies in the development, marketing and maintenance of business software packages, having been developing advanced solutions for more than 30 years.

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Grad d.d.

In the last decade, Grad d.d. has specialised in the development of software for accounting and business management, and all our solutions use the SQL database as the cornerstone of data storage and processing. In addition to standard accounting software, we have also developed a number of specialised applications, such as a special solution for one of the major logistics operators at the Port of Koper - PGS Koper d.o.o., special solutions for the ordering and distribution of food products (Impuls d.o.o., Domžale), the recording and payment of royalties at the Slovenian Copyright Agency, as well as solutions for building managers (Upravnik), utility companies (Vodar) and kindergartens (Oskrbnine)

Internet and tablet solutions

Modern business trends dictate software support from remote locations, away from the company's headquarters (via the internet and tablets), and software solutions are adapting accordingly. At Grad, we have developed several interesting web-based applications, among which the eAttendance software stands out - this allows the entry and approval of various absences from work (holidays, business trips,... ), eMeč, which offers the possibility of reviewing and validating received invoices from remote locations, eCheckin, which is designed for the production and tax validation of cash invoices, eKing - which allows access to general ledger and balance sheet data from remote locations, and eManager, which allows premises owners to have an instant overview of invoices issued. eKing - which is designed for the production and tax validation of cash invoices, cost dividers, view scanned invoices, access to shared documents and full electronic communication with the manager, and eGilda, which allows customers to place orders electronically, view realised events, view open orders and communicate electronically with the supplier.

Among the widely used tablet applications are the iTempus solutions for attendance records, and iZezlo and iTrdnjava, which ensure that fixed assets and items in the warehouse are kept under control.

Custom development

Standardised solutions cannot cover all business processes of companies. That is when we develop tailor-made solutions. At Grad, we have developed a large number of unique modules specifically for our customers. Among the users of our software solutions, we find small, medium and large companies from both the business and non-business sectors, which is a testimony to the exceptional "breadth" of these packages.

Today, more than 500 legal entities in Slovenia and over 70 abroad (mainly in Croatia, including 25 hospitals) use the software. In total, more than 2,000 software modules are in use. We are very proud of our thirteen customers who have been with us since the foundation of Grad, over thirty years.