Goinfo d.o.o.

Goinfo d.o.o.

GOinfo, računalniški inženiring, storitve in svetovanje d.o.o. iz Nove Gorice, je eno izmed prvih računalniških podjetij v Sloveniji, ki je razvilo lastno programsko opremo za vodenje poslovanja v proizvodnih podjetjih na PC platformi, na osnovi svetovno znanega principa MRP-II (Manufacturing resources planning).


Basic information

GOinfo, computer engineering, services and consulting d.o.o. from Nova Gorica, is one of the first computer companies in Slovenia to develop its own software for business management in manufacturing companies on a PC platform, based on the world-famous MRP-II (Manufacturing resources planning) principle. A team of experts, based on their knowledge of MRP systems, developed a comprehensive information system for the management of manufacturing companies under the name GoSoft, which immediately attracted great interest on the Slovenian and Croatian markets and thus enabled the existence and further development of the company. GoSoft software and GOinfo services are used by more than 300 companies and institutions in Slovenia and Croatia. 


The main activities of the company are the development, marketing, implementation, consulting, customisation and maintenance of comprehensive information systems in manufacturing companies. Due to the need for comprehensive support for individual companies, we have also developed software for accounting and financial management, payroll with personnel records, fixed asset accounting and trade management. On request, the company can also arrange other computing needs: hardware, system software, Internet, etc., all of which together provide the customer with a complete IT solution. The target market is medium-sized manufacturing companies with individual, small-lot and batch production. However, individual software components can also cover specific functions in smaller companies.


The GoSoft software package covers all the business functions of a manufacturing company, from quotations and orders, through material requirements planning and material procurement, to the overview of production capacity utilisation, item classification, product dispatching, invoicing and various checks and printouts of aggregated data. It is based on a single interactive data entry and the integration of all functions into a single information system. It runs on the most widely used operating systems and local area networks for PCs.

Staff and external collaborators

The company currently has 43 full-time employees in the fields of computer science, mechanical engineering, woodworking and economics, as well as a number of external employees. In 2012, GOinfoZG was established in Zagreb, Croatia, to implement and maintain software in Croatia and surrounding countries. The company currently employs 12 professionals in Zagreb.