DSI Expert, d.o.o.

DSI Expert, d.o.o.

Digitizing production processes for optimized operations across company levels.

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DSI Expert, d.o.o.

i4Cube is a comprehensive IT platform aimed at optimizing production processes. Through the i4Cube platform, the company offers a digital transformation journey that encompasses all levels of an organization, from directors to maintenance workers, ensuring a more streamlined, efficient, and optimized operational workflow​​.

Competitive advantages

i4Cube presents a smart manufacturing system (Smart MES) that ensures comprehensive control, planning, and management of production processes.

The platform also facilitates the digitalization of older devices, which is a significant advantage for companies with legacy equipment looking to transition into the digital era​1.

As a part of the global initiative "Industry 4.0", i4Cube's platform for smart factories provides a detailed insight into machine operations and production optimization opportunities, allowing real-time monitoring and thus, enabling data-driven decision-making​​.

List of products and services:

i4Cube IT Platform: A comprehensive platform for production optimization.

  • Smart MES: A smart manufacturing system for enhanced control and management.
  • Digitalization of older devices: Facilitating a smooth transition to digital operations.