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CREApro d.o.o.

Our real-world experience comes from managing business, innovation, operations, data science, and information technology; we are folks who have been there.

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CREApro d.o.o.

CREApro is in the results/performance improvement business. At its core is our fundamental belief that performance can be designed. Our business is to help companies achieve breakthrough results in their value creation activities - in essence making the processes themselves more valuable to their customers. Our mission is to deliver results in each and every interaction.

We work with companies of all sizes to achieve measurable performance improvement in their business. CREApro is about reliably achieving business process innovation and excellence within organizations. We take an integrated view of the people, processes, data and the technologies that matter, coupled with a pragmatic, open-minded approach to find the innovative and right solution.

The proven approach we use at CREApro is derived from the best practices in business process management, data science and innovation, combined with leadership by industry veterans. Our real-world experience comes from managing business, innovation, operations, data science, and information technology; we are folks who have been there.

We are learning in each interaction with our clients and our clients are learning in each interaction with us. We are co-learning company.

Data Science & Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is a methodology that enables the prediction of business-relevant events through the use of statistical modelling and machine learning algorithms. We use predictive analytics on the basis of the large amount of data collected from various sources to determine the patterns and predict future events and trends. This way we help companies in various industries, from financial services to public administration, healthcare, media, manufacturing and retail. By using predictive analytics we analyze existing data and past events in order to obtain a better understanding of your customers and their habits.

Value added for client

Strategic value – Define key value chains in accordance with company strategy. Align business goals (KPI) for key processes with company strategy (BSC) and define priority projects for process optimization and automation. Cost/Benefit analysis and ROI projection are prepared for each Business Case/Scenario.

Based on a uniform definition of processes the top management appoints process owners for key processes, defines measurable goals for them and establishes a process management committee. Process teams gain necessary knowledge and skills for methodical approach to process management, consequently improving internal communication and interdepartmental handovers. Innovations, new approaches and proactive thinking become standard, employees are empowered and encouraged to participate in improvement efforts and are the main guarantee for the company to stay successful and in good shape.

What we do

There are core principles in our BPM approach we adhere to and our approach adjustments are variations on the basis of those principles. Basic cycle consists of key phases that constitute a closed circle of continuous improvement.

Key phases:

  • Discover current state and assess company's maturity and its processes; define value chains
  • Analyze processes, business roles and used IKT solutions to find critical points in operation and select improvement opportunities 
  • Design detailed to-be state with Business Cases / Scenarios on selected processes and eliminate critical points. 
  • Implement IT and business organizational changes and improvements
  • Manage & Control process performance with the help of metrics and KPIs
  • Improve process efficiency and effectiveness  

Our Services

We view business performance improvement as a discipline that crosses four key themes - or pillars- of focus that any company will endeavor to improve.  Visibility – we need to understand how our process is truly operating and be able to act on that information.  Control – we need to fix our process because the process just isn't getting it done for our customers or our business. Performance – we need to radically improve a process because either it does not exist or, it is too expensive or broken to bring into control. Innovation - we need to make a change that makes a valuable change. We need to understand how our processes are truly valuable for our customers and be able to act on that insight.

Within each theme, there is a very prescriptive method and set of tools we can apply to achieve the desired outcomes in each theme.

Our mission is to deliver tangible benefit to our clients in very discrete pieces of work, whether we are doing process innovation and design, value stream analysis, designing process measurement systems or implementing a Business Process Management Suite (BPMS).