Appoteka is a reliable partner with over 350 successful projects, helping businesses with multiple sales channels to digitize, connect, and automate their processes. With a focus on B2B and B2C e-commerce and PIM, Appoteka places online sales at the center of operations. Their Shopamine platform empowers distributors, manufacturers, and retailers with self-management capabilities for data and design.

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The core product is Shopamine.


Shopamine is an online storebuilder that you can use without needing to set up any technical infrastructure, makingit easierfor you tosell your products or services online.

Shopamine enables you to:

● build yourinventory from multiple sources and manage it effectively from a single platform;
● set upcomplex conditions anduser-level access for your content, items, andprices;
● sell on autopilot by gathering orders, quotes, leads andrequestsonline.


An advanced e-commerce Solutions 

Product Information Management 

A business working with a larger inventory may find it challenging to maintain an accurate catalog and inventory while also ensuring that their customers receive real-time updates on prices and stock information. 

Shopamine's Product Information Management (PIM) solution enables you to efficiently import, export, edit, enrichand connect your product catalog to ensure you have control over your inventory. We offer both automatic (API, XML, EDI, CSVparsers) and manual tools for importing and exporting.


Online Content Management (CMS) 

You should be able to change your content at anytime: provide support articles, documents, brand presentations, special offers… 

TheOne is a super template that can be easily adjusted to your need swith no coding. Add & Edit contenton anypage: homepage, brandpage, productpage, notifications, blogs, category, resources, company and landing pages,… 

…set complex conditions toshow specific designs personalized content upon User types, locales, domains, etc.


SaaS & Cloud benefits 

Technology should not be a burden but should help you focus on your work. 

Shopamine is Software As a Service which means: we are takingcare about alltechnical issues (upgrades, maintenance, compliance) and offer support to your team. 


Integrations & Partners 

Software is of no use if it doesn’t integrate with your business process and other applications. 

We offer many out-of-the-box integrations with: ERPs, mailing automation, payment processors, marketing software… 

Plus you can work with our trusted partners whoknow Shopamine APIs in-and-out and can provide turn key integrations and automations tailored to your business process.