AGENCIJA 101 d.o.o.

AGENCIJA 101 d.o.o.

Welcome to Agencija 101. We create business & marketing solutions with that 1% more.


AGENCIJA 101 d.o.o.


Besides design solutions, communication solutions are the ones that are most often the deciding factor that stands “on the front line” between the consumers and the competition. That is why their design and implementation are of key importance – we will tackle both with distinct precision.

  • Integrated market-communication campaigns
  • Corporate communication
  • Socially responsible campaigns
  • Shopper marketing


In today’s complex, intertwined and highly competitive environment, a clear strategic overview and a clear vision that enable us to precisely plan effective tactics, creative strategies and the implementation of the final intertwining of marketing activities are always welcome.

  • Communication and creative strategies
  • Brand and product strategies
  • Growth strategies
  • Consulting


The essence of digital communication is an immediate and measurable response of the consumer; thus, they need to be designed to encourage responses and to constantly adapt to them.

  • Comprehensive digital campaigns
  • Digital strategies
  • Social media management and advertising
  • Website development


Great design does not only have an aesthetic value but it also precisely follows clearly defined messages, functions and goals – our team of experienced art directors and designers will take care of that!

  • Comprehensive digital campaigns
  • Digital strategies
  • Social media management and advertising
  • Website development


Fan culture, emotions, the power of sports and the atmosphere of sporting events offer unique opportunities to strengthen relationships between consumers and brands. This is why we concentrate on the promotion of products, services and brands through sport in a broader context of sports marketing.

  • Integrated campaigns
  • Activation of sports sponsorships
  • Strategic and tactical planning and implementation


Experiences with brands offer much more than just communication with consumers. They are a great opportunity to connect with consumers and build relationships that surpass the medium as well as the technology, elegantly intertwining both analogue and digital environment into memorable experiences.

  • Organisation and comprehensive implementation of B2B & B2C events
  • Trade show exposures and activations
  • Creative implementation of promotions and tastings with the internal team of promoters
  • Integration of advanced technologies for special experiences and the activation of brands