More than three decades of developing, consulting, maintaining and setting up ERP systems. ProPIS is co-created by successful manufacturing and trading companies, with whom we are walking the path of digitalisation.


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ProPIS - the ERP system for exceeding business goals

Optimise your business processes, increase efficiency and gain control of your business.

More than three decades of developing, consulting, maintaining and deploying ERP systems. ProPIS is co-created by successful manufacturing and trading companies, with whom we are walking the path of digitalization.

ProPIS modules

A family of solutions designed and built to established industry standards for developing business information systems.


ProPIS Manufacturing module

  • Efficient control of production and its processes
  • Consistency in production
  • Automated processes

Production management
Simplify your production management with components, exploded views, norms and work orders.

Production planning
Plan future production, get information on potential challenges and RVC.

Ensure traceability (of origin) in an easy and automated way throughout the production process.

Quickly calculate the estimated production cost of a product or the cost price of products already produced.

Equipped warehouse documents
Automate your warehouse operations from raw material release for production to receipt of products at the warehouse.

Provide workers with information on processes and operations and increase consistency in production.


ProPIS Sales module

  • Control price lists, discounts and other sales conditions
  • Automated processes and higher efficiency
  • Quality analysis and sales reports

Order templates
Easily enter customer orders using predefined templates.

Capture customer orders via automated and secure electronic channels and get rid of manual work.

Quick order
Make it super easy for your sales team to enter customer orders via smart devices.

Integration with online portals
Connect your online ordering portal to the ProPIS ERP system and automate the entry of customer orders.

Call centre
Simplify customer order entry in your call centre and take efficiency to the next level.

Material requirements
Communicate your sales department's material needs to purchasing fully automatically.


ProPIS Warehousing module

  • Reliable traceability management
  • Better control of goods in warehouses
  • Inventory monitoring and control

Mobile warehouse management
Equip your warehouse staff with mobile terminals - scanners and a solution to easily record all warehouse events - from raw material receipt, to order picking, to product release and inventory.

Stationary warehousing
A complete solution for recording warehouse movements, printing labels, interfacing with scales, scanners and the ProPIS ERP system.

Returnable packaging
Track which customers your returnable packaging is with and minimise costs.

Print labels
Easily print out labels with product information, traceability, origin and other attributes. Print pallet and carton labels.

Electronic signature
Increase control by electronically signing warehouse documents via smart devices.

Support your consignment business and gain new business opportunities.

Easily exchange warehouse documents with customers and suppliers via secure and automated electronic channels.

Easily capture raw material and product traceability data and ensure traceability (of origin) throughout the entire logistics process.

The system guides warehousemen and directs them to consume raw materials and products according to FIFO or FEFO storage methods.


ProPIS Purchasing module

  • Automate your procurement process
  • Optimise your inventory
  • Easily manage purchase orders

Order templates
Prepare purchase orders faster and more accurately with templates.

Material requirements
Automate the preparation of purchase orders with material requirements data from production, inventory and sales.

Purchasing agreements
Stick to purchasing agreements with suppliers, no matter how complex.

Send orders to suppliers via secure electronic channels.

Purchasing schedules
Place orders with suppliers on time on the day and time they expect you to.

Requisitions - internal procurement
Allow easy submission of internal purchase orders from your network of stores or warehouses.


ProPIS Finance module

  • More predictable financial inflows and outflows
  • Control over accounts payable and receivable
  • Bulk invoicing at the click of a button

Invoices received
Enable easy and secure entry and management of invoices received.

Invoices issued
Automate invoicing according to predefined rules and save time.

Accounts payable and accounts receivable
Set up control over accounts payable and receivable and automate the sending of reminders.

Ensure your VAT returns are timely, correct and fully automated.

Automatically prepare and report data to the Intrastat portal and save time.

Ensure you receive and issue invoices electronically via secure and automated channels.

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