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Business operations

Pro-forma invoices and invoicesBank statementsPayment ordersTravel orders Inbox
Issue quotations, invoices, e-invoices, advance invoices and credit notes. A transparent “traffic light” for payment status. Easy sending and link to inventory.Import incoming and outgoing payments and match them to invoices. The software offers matching automatically.Payment orders are prepared automatically for all accounts receivable transactions. You can transfer them to e-banks, e-mail them or print them to UPN forms with the QR code.Issue, print, prepare cost statements and record business travels. The software proposes data for the cost statements (mileage expenses, daily allowances …) systematically. Mileage calculation and direct connection to the eDavki system.The entrepreneur deposits documents in electronic form (photos of bills received and bank statements) to the inbox. The accountant then collects the documents from the inbox. Several automated functions speed up the recording.
Cash invoices (fiscal cash register)Received invoicesE-invoicesOutstanding itemsGraphical dashboards
Issue cash invoices with fiscal verification (e.g. for cash on delivery).Enter received invoices, credit notes and advance invoices. You can add a document (pdf, photo, scan) using the web or mobile software version.Prepare, receive and exchange e-invoices.Monitor, print and export outstanding items. Payment reminders and IOP forms can also be e-mailed. Export data for the banks (outstanding items 30, 60, 90 days overdue).Monitor your business operations easily and transparently using the dashboard. View best-selling items, top customers, largest debtors … The accountants can monitor their clients and tasks. The dashboards are configurable.


Double-entry bookkeepingCalculating interestStatistical reportsCash operationsVAT accounting
All documents and statements are recorded automatically. Monitor and edit automatic bookkeeping documents, direct recording is also possible. Calculate late payment interest or contractual interest.Annual and interim reports required by the government, banks or other institutions. Cash register for in-house cash transactions: cash-on-hand receipts, cash-on-hand disbursements and logs.VAT accounting for different taxable persons, also according to paid realisation. All necessary documents and files are prepared for direct transfer to the eDavki system. 
Tangible fixed assetsAnnual reports
Register of tangible fixed assets, depreciation statement of account and inventory listing. Exchange differences are automatically recorded step-wise for outstanding items. Costs are transferred to expenses and profit or loss is calculated. Tax statement and data for the Financial Administration are prepared and can be transferred to eDavki directly. Statistical reports and payment orders for taxes due to the government are prepared, too.

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