Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

The agent experience is the heart of Dynamics 365 Customer Service.


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

The agent experience is the heart of Dynamics 365 Customer Service. The key to improving satisfaction in service delivery is enabling agents to take customer requests from any channel, handle multiple sessions at a time, interact with multiple apps without losing context, and enhance their workflow with productivity tools.

We offer several app experiences for you to choose from, depending on your support organization’s needs.

Use Dynamics 365 Customer Service to:

  • Track customer issues through cases
  • Record all interactions related to a case
  • Share information in the knowledge base
  • Create queues and route cases to the right channels
  • Create and track service levels through service-level agreements (SLAs)
  • Define service terms through entitlements
  • Manage performance and productivity through reports and dashboards
  • Create and schedule services
  • Participate in chats
  • Manage conversations across channels


Provide self-service supportTailor customer engagementsElevate agent effectivenessOptimize service operationsDeliver proactive service with IoT
Automate self-service with virtual agents and rich knowledge base portals.Personalize customer interactions using connected experiences.Take the guesswork out of case resolution using AI-driven productivity tools that equip agents with the right information at the right time.Use AI-driven insights and analytics to improve agent and customer experiences.Detect and correct problems before your customers even notice with embedded Internet of Things (IoT) signals and alerts.


Provide seamless, end-to-end experiences within a single solution built on the Microsoft Cloud to deliver consistent, connected support across channels.

All-in-one solutionsAI-poweredProactive delivery

Native voice

Integrated case management

Customer support timeline

Built-in transcription and translation

Real-time sentiment analysis

Context-driven agent suggestions

Embedded IoT data

Agent alerts

Visibility into issue history


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Phone Support

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