The KOPA ERP software package represents a set of modern solutions in the field of production, commercials, financial accounting and business process management.


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New requirements in the field of business software dictate the creation of flexible IT solutions that support the tight integration of business processes and their continuous improvement through modern technologies. Proven systems and good implementation practices reduce risk and help companies to take advantage of new technologies and thus new business opportunities.

The KOPA ERP software package is a set of modern solutions in the areas of manufacturing, commerce, accounting and financial management and business process management. By selecting best practices and with proven process solutions that best suit your business, you can get to a new ERP system quickly and affordably in as little as 2-3 months. Experienced implementers and consultants who understand your business processes, understand how to fit your issues into the solution and complete the project successfully.

Solutions and services


From the basics of well-established norms and master data, planning with material requirements calculation (MRP), monitoring and calculations at the beginning to calculate-estimate how much the product will cost us, post-calculations to see how we have actually performed, and finally production accounting or profitability, where we allocate all costs to the products and see what is worth doing.

Accounting and finance

Fully captures the flow of quality and up-to-date information by providing support to all accounting functions: bookkeeping, financial planning, controlling and accounting analysis.


Efficient support for purchasing, sales and warehouse processes. All functions to ensure legal obligations, electronic exchanges and accurate system status (stocks, open orders, delivery times, traceability of materials, semi-finished and finished products, as well as installations and affiliations...) at all times.

Labour costs and human resources

The modules ensure that the company has the right people in the right place and that they are properly and fairly rewarded for their work. Through systematic work with human resources, training planning, periodic interviews and the measurement of competences, the HR department can perform a strategic function. By using modern technologies, the digitisation of HR supports new opportunities and challenges for the generations to come.


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