Java is a widely-used programming language for coding web applications. It has been a popular choice among developers for over two decades, with millions of Java applications in use today.

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Programming languages like Java are frequently used to create web apps. With millions of Java programmes in use today, it has been a well-liked option among developers for more than 20 years. Java is a network-centric, multi-platform, object-oriented language that may also be used as a platform by itself. It is a quick, safe, and dependable programming language for creating anything from big data applications to server-side technologies to mobile apps and enterprise software.

Java is a flexible, open-source language that is used to create localised and distributed software. Java is frequently used for things like:

Video game creation
Java is used to create a lot of well-known video, computer, and mobile games. Java technology is used to create even contemporary video games that incorporate cutting-edge hardware like virtual reality or machine learning.

Cloud computing 
Java is frequently described as WORA, or Write Once and Run Anywhere, which makes it ideal for distributed cloud-based applications. Java is the language of choice for cloud providers to run applications on a variety of underlying platforms.

 Big Data
Java is utilised for data processing engines that can handle enormous amounts of real-time data and complex data sets.

Artificial Intelligence
Java is a machine learning library powerhouse. For the development of artificial intelligence applications like deep learning and natural language processing, its stability and speed make it ideal.

Internet of Things
Sensors and hardware in edge devices that can connect to the internet independently have been programmed using Java.