Powerful ERP system for efficient management of a company or public institution.


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The iCenter ERP business information system adapts to the business processes of the individual company or institution with a range of customised software solutions. It quickly provides you with quality information for management decision-making through automated analyses of your work processes, so you can immediately reduce your operating costs.

The comprehensive iCenter ERP information system is built from modules that will improve your business.


ERP iCenter offers a wide range of solutions and functionalities for the bookkeeping area, many of which include additional capabilities tailored to the business of specific industries and public institutions. 

  • Cash management
  • Value added tax
  • Double entry bookkeeping
  • Simple bookkeeping
  • Invoice Receipt Book
  • Interest accounting
  • Service accounting
  • Fixed assets
  • Invoice payment monitoring
  • Payment turnover
  • Post book


ERP iCenter for payroll ensures you operate at a lower cost and always in compliance with legislation. The system contains a set of harmonised modules that allow the accountant to prepare payroll extremely quickly.

  • Employee payroll
  • Other remuneration
  • Travel orders

Trade and production

The iCenter information system helps you find financial reserves in the process from ordering to sales, optimise stock levels and help you maximise your price difference through tailored functionalities for trade and production. 

  • Invoicing of goods and services
  • Orders to suppliers and customers
  • Material warehouse
  • Retail
  • Multi-level production tender
  • MRP Material planning
  • Work Orders

Dedicated solutions

The iCenter ERP information system provides you with tailor-made, dedicated solutions that adapt to your organisation's business through many automations and innovations.

  • eRegistrar
  • Kitchen
  • Meal recording
  • Online Meal Cancellations
  • Active notification
  • Reminder
  • Contracts and correspondence
  • Gift vouchers
  • Sales commissions
  • Personnel records
  • Time registration
  • Public procurement

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