The advanced i4Cube smart factory platform gives you detailed insights into the operation and opportunities for optimising production.

Production Optimization MES

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The advanced i4Cube smart factory platform includes the Smart MES production management system, which enables production and maintenance planning and scheduling, and a detailed view of the status of operations in the production process.

Smart MES digitises and connects all levels or jobs in production. So you can easily track each order from the work orders created and operations planned to the execution of the work on each machine - with all the events that occur and the raw materials or energy you need included. The system also monitors each employee and thus their performance.


i4cube versions

i4cube Pro: Focuses on insight into plant performance.

The basic version of i4Cube gives you insight into the performance aspect of production - the operation and performance of machines or devices in real time. This gives you insight into machine performance by collecting data on run times, operation, programming, downtime and idle times. All performance metrics are available to you in clear dashboards from which you can obtain valuable performance reports (OEE report, fault report, alert report, etc.).
Analytical data is visualised by the system for easier and clearer interpretation with graphs, time series charts, etc. You are informed in real time about events in the production plant via the user interface (GUI) and email, allowing you to react immediately and efficiently. You can also manage events yourself via the platform.


i4cube Premium: Includes production planning, paperless operations, integration with ERP systems and maintenance management.

The i4Cube Premium product is an upgrade of the basic solution, which means it provides all the functionality of the Pro solution - giving you real-time insight into the perfomantic metrics of machine performance, which you can access easily, quickly and 24 hours a day via dashboards. The advantage of the Premium version is that in addition to the perfomancy metrics, it also provides insight into the operational metrics of the machines. By integrating it into your existing ERP system, you get a detailed view of the operational flow, the processing of work orders on a particular machine or plant. Based on accurate and credible monitoring data of work order intake, processing and execution, you can prepare precise operational production plans, identify and manage bottlenecks in production and manage operational changes in real time. You can also use dashboards to review operational metrics and gain a bigger picture by combining both performance and operational efficiency indicators in valuable production performance reports.


i4cube Business: In the pipeline, focused on dashboards and financial decision-making.

The i4Cube Business product represents the most advanced and comprehensive solution for production optimisation. It provides all the functionality of the Pro and Premium versions, offering insight into both perfomance and operational performance metrics, but with a key advantage - it converts these metrics into business metrics, giving direct insight into the cash flow through production. With i4Cube Business' complete solution, you can track important business processes from order to production. Dashboards to monitor machine performance and operational efficiency are enhanced with dashboards to view operational metrics, so you gain valuable insight into the financial performance of your production, as well as opportunities for optimisation and business growth. 



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