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Transform the way you manage, develop and engage your employees.


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Gecko HRM

Instant gratification is the new norm of today’s generation.

In today’s world, information must be easily accessible. Gecko HRM does just that. It is accessible to all employees and from anywhere (mobile and web browsers) and most importantly – it is modern, friendly, and intuitive allowing for quick access to vital information while on the go. Community collaboration allows employees to stay in touch and share ideas and resolve challenges as a team. With powerful search capabilities which comb through your entire HRM application, you can quickly find the information you need.

Workforce Administration

No longer is Workforce administration a simple data collection site for the HR administrators. With easy to use tools and processes, Gecko HRM frees up the HR department to spend less time on data maintenance and more time focusing on strategic HR.

Employee 360

A complete overview of your employees in one place available and accessible from anywhere.

In today’s world, information must be organized and easily accessible. Gecko HRM does just that having a centralized employee profile where you can see all the data related to them. The application is modern, friendly and intuitive for quick access to vital information and to see the current picture of the employee and their documents.

Organizational Structure

Organizational management should not be a hassle.

Flexible structure allows it to be configured to your organizational model. Our organizational setup and structure allow for reorganizational planning, the export of organizational structure for a specific date, and different types of views. Multi-organizational structures are supported as well.

Leave Management

Leave requests and approvals as easy as 123.

Employees have a complete view of their leave history and can manage requests using the easy-to-use self-service portal. Leave rules can be configured to your business requirements, including pro-rated leave, and a calculation based on service years. The leave approval process is simple and traceable. Approvers have the ability to approve via the employee hub or while on the go using their mobile devices. Annual Leave calculations and notifications are automatic with the ability for employees to print them out.

Travel Orders

Say goodbye to paper forms. Travel orders are easy and seamless.

Managing travel orders can quickly become an administrative nightmare left to legacy and outdated processes. With Gecko HRM travel orders, employees can quickly add a travel request. With simple configurable workflows, managers can easily approve or request further explanations via the self-service portal, e-mail or mobile devices.


Stay on top of the tasks and ensure a pleasant experience.

There is no reason why offboarding experience should be chaotic and unpleasant. Gecko’s offboarding process ensures you assign all the necessary tasks, as well as send out a survey to the employee in order to receive valuable feedback.

Document Generation

Manage and generate documents as you wish.

Gecko HRM Document Generator allows you to easily create documents using Word mail merge templates. Creating contracts and other documents is a click away. Every document created is automatically stored on the Employee profile.

HR Process Automation

Streamline your administration processes and focus on strategic tasks.

Administration processes can be tedious and time-consuming. With Gecko’s processes automation, manual labor is a thing of the past. Functions, such as automatic calculations and notification of annual leave, mass creation, and management of Performance Plans, and document generation are simple and fast.

Talent Management

As the global market becomes more competitive, evaluating and assessing talent takes on a whole new dimension. It is important to align your talent with your business goals and strategy. Identifying your talents and successors is critical!

Recruiting & Onboarding

A complete overview of the recruiting process from a candidate to the employee.

Choosing the right candidate to meet your business strategy is the key component to running a successful company. Gecko HRM recruiting offers a comprehensive step-by-step process while building a database of candidates. Enhance the recruitment process with social networking integration and collaboration. Easily, integrate your new employees into your organization with Gecko’s onboarding process. Assign goals, training, and track progress.

Performance Management

Company strategy and career paths of employees are always lined up.

In today’s competitive market, it is vital that the company business goals are aligned with the skills needed in order to remain ahead of the competition. Gecko HRM performance management allows for the planning and following the goals and offers employees and managers the basis to measure advancement and on the fly adjustments to business requirements. Cascading Goals and OKR (Objectives and Key Results) allow for the alignment of company strategy and individual employee goals.


Invest in your employees’ training and watch them flourish.

Motivate your employees the best way possible and give them the tools they need in order to achieve their career and goal plans. Plan their training according to their development plans, evaluate courses to see their effectiveness and align your company strategy with the development of your employees.

Leadership Development

Develop your leaders and ensure that you thrive in the future.

Identifying your key leaders is only the first step. With the Gecko leadership development plan, you can ensure all the necessary steps are taken to develop your top talent. Ensure the future of your company with top leaders!

Compensation & Rewards

Keep your employees motivated and engaged.

In today’s highly competitive global job market, ensuring that your employees remain motivated and productive is the key to your success. Rewards can be based on multiple factors, including a budget, team performance, and individual performance. Automatically, distribute rewards based on their performance reviews.

Employee Hub

Today, employees want and expect to be using the same technology at work as they do at home. Mobile- and user-friendly are a must. With the Gecko Employee Hub, it is easy to keep your employees informed and engaged.

Manager Self-Service

Equip your manager with the tools they need to be effective and productive.

The manager self-service portal provides vital information at their fingertips to easily manage requests and make faster decisions. Accessible from the web or mobile devices enabling managers to handle day-to-day activities on the go.

Employee Self-Service

Empower your employees with a modern and easy to use self-service portal.

The employee self-service portal allows for your employees to become self-sufficient and in the process, operational efficiency for the HR personnel increases. Employees can view and update their personal information, submit requests, and manage their career development all from one place.

Home Board

The heartbeat of the Employee Hub.

The home board is the central entry point for employees and managers. From here, employees can get their latest company news, submit and approve requests, see their Employee 360 profile, and check their upcoming events. Each component on the home board has its own functionality and can be added and removed. New functionality can be added as easy as stacking Lego’s.

Mobile Experience

Submit & approve requests and stay current while on the go.

As we are more and more on the go, it is understandable that certain tasks can be accomplished while waiting in line. Gecko HRM mobile application for iOS and Android brings the mobile capability to the forefront, allowing you access to submit and approve requests, view your upcoming events, and read important company notices and latest news.

News & Notices

Keeping up to date on company news and important announcement.

We believe transparency and openness are essential to engaged employees. To keep your employees informed Gecko highlights important notices on the home board and enables you to publish company news.


Employees have great ideas – give them the power to bring their next innovation to light.

Nobody knows your products and processes better than your employees. Give them the tools with Gecko HRM Innovations to submit their ideas and improvements. Evaluate, track, and implement their innovations. Attract and showcase your next great innovation and in the process, recognize and motivate your employees.

Analytics & AI

Gain insightful information about your organization and employees as easy as drag and drop.


You have question Gecko has the answers.

Salesforce technology empowers the user to create reports as easy as drag and drop enabling real-time view and the ability to drill-down to the data you need. Don’t worry, of course you can still export the report to Excel.


Visualize what is going on with your Gecko.

Dashboard are easily configurable and offer different types of visualization. Equip your leadership with the tools they need to make the right decisions.

Gecko BI

Take analytics to the next level with Gecko BI based on Salesforce Einstein Analytics.

With the AI-powered Salesforce Analytics platform, dig deeper into your data and get helpful insights to better understand your organization and employees. Lenses allow a multidimensional view of your data for deeper analysis.