eHRM fully supports your work with employees. It combines human resources processes, employees and technology in one place, thus providing effective support in managing and developing employees and as a consequence a competitive edge in the market.


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Encourage development potentials of your employees!

How can a company develop, grow and enter new markets without trained and committed employees? eHRM fully supports your work with employees. It combines human resources processes, employees and technology in one place, thus providing effective support in managing and developing employees and as a consequence a competitive edge in the market.

What can eHRM do for you?

Promote the productivity and efficiency of your team

Motivated employees are more committed to achieving personal and company goals. By continuously managing the performance of employees, you will influence their satisfaction, motivation and productivity.

Enable people development and plan successions

Systematically build the competencies of your employees. With an overview over the investments in development, you can monitor the growth and development of individuals and the increase in the intellectual capital of the entire company.

Fully support team leaders in their role

With a talk-oriented system, encourage dialogue about content and goals relevant for the success of  your employees and the company, and build a feedback culture. You will always have an overview over the progress of your employees, teams and the company.

Quickly find and attract new talents

Facilitate demanding recruitment processes. You can quickly find the most suitable candidates among those who applied for a job and set up a meeting with them. Have an overview of the performance of various sources and prepare a successful recruitment strategy.

Keep track of key information in one place

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and personnel data that cannot be controlled. By accessing, editing and analysing employee information in one place, you can simplify and speed up administrative personnel processes and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Make informed decisions based on actual data

Graphical overviews of key indicators and reports offer you an insight to the  performance that is based on your goals or business processes at any time. Up-to-date information enables you to timely detect trends and adopt timely and effective business decisions.

Support according to your needs

The eHRM's modular design allows you to gradually deploy employees according to the company's needs, time requirements and budget. Thus, the software is suitable for companies that want to support basic personnel processes, as well as organizations that want to digitize strategic personnel processes.

Personnel records

Have an overview over the data in one place and in real time, and shorten the time to carry out administrative processes.


Quickly discover new talents and prepare a successful recruitment strategy based on past analytics.


A positive experience of onboarding to work will help to the fact that an employee will sooner become efficient and this will increase commitment.

Performance management

Encourage the success of individuals, teams and the entire company, and develop the desired internal culture.


Properly reward your personnel and, with overview over the rewarding system, underline the motivation for successfully accomplished tasks.


Preserve the trend of continuous employee training and improve the company's flexibility on the market with the help of an experienced team.

Career and succession

Motivate your employees by designing their career paths. Support them in gaining the necessary new skills and experience, and increase engagement.

Technical characteristics

Wherever and whenever

Users have access to up-to-date information - anywhere and at any time and on any device, making the eHRM effective in the implementation of personnel processes even in environments where there is a lot of field work and business trips.

Cloud or local

The eHRM solution is a web application based on Microsoft platforms. The solution allows you to install it in your information environment or enables hosting in a private or public cloud (Microsoft Azure).

Flexible solution

Efficient work with staff includes different participants - from staff and human resources to head. eHRM allows the user to display the information that is important to him - from customized dashboards, customized custom reports and, finally, to the choice of colour.

Integration with e-VEM

eHRM is connected to e-Vem - the national portal for business and entrepreneurs. You do not need to enter data on the e-VEM web portal - they can be transmitted directly by eHRM in electronic form. This avoids duplicate entries, reduces the possibility of errors, and shortens the time of operations.

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