This is the service of electronic archive of documents based on the information system for archiving either business documents or other documents in one place.

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Simple one-stop shop!

The electronic archiving service is an excellent solution for all those seeking safe storage for their business documents. The is a certified legally compliant repository of e-documents that provides a centralised and credible electronic archive of all your contents in electronic form (documents, contracts, e-invoices, etc.).

The service will make your operations much easier. All electronic documents are stored in one place and you can access them at any time through your existing applications, the Internet or mobile phone.

E-documents – wherever, whenever

The service provides integration with your existing information systems and business applications. After integration is set up, the e-documents captured and processed, although in some other system or application, can be automatically transferred to, while users can continue to access the documents stored through existing applications.

Your e-documents are accessible in the service at any time and place, including via various devices (apps, web interface or mobile phone), pursuant to the security rules and authorisations of your organisation.

  • Integration with existing systems
  • Accessible wherever and whenever
  • Security is ensured

Authorisations and access

Advanced management of user authorisations ensures that each user is assigned only those authorisations they need. Authorisations may be assigned at the level of the entire system, class, group of documents or a particular document. Each change of authorisation is recorded in the audit trail.

  • Full control over users’ authorisations
  • Absolute traceability

Safe, compliant and reliable

ZZI company continuously strives to provide the legal compliance of its services and solutions. The service and software comply with the legislation and are certified by the Republic of Slovenia Archives, while the ZZI company is certified under the ISO 9001 and 27001 standards.

  • Compliant storage
  • Completely safe storage


  • Optimisation of business processes
  • Automated submission of documents
  • Enhanced transparency and accessibility of documents
  • Reduced costs
  • No cost of investments in hardware and software
  • Integration and interoperability
  • Safety and control
  • Legal compliance
  • Support to compliance with GDPR

EDI electronic archiving

  • Prompt implementation and start of use
  • Intended for all those using the bizBox document exchange
  • Incoming and outgoing documents are automatically stored in
  • Pre-defined classification scheme
  • The option to include elements of comprehensive electronic archiving is available any time

Comprehensive electronic archiving

  • Customisation of the service to your processes and existing applications
  • Customisation of the classification scheme to your desires
  • Flexible specification of user authorisations and rights
  • Integration with existing information systems and business applications in your organisation
  • Provision of advice and assistance to the overall introduction project

The system

  • Your electronic business documents are stored safely at more than three locations in Slovenia.
  • All electronic documents are stored in one place.
  • The use is simple and cost efficient.
  • The security architecture of the system enables controlled use and prevents the loss or deliberate deletion of business documents.
  • Documents may be stored in the system automatically from your existing applications via the electronic exchange of documents.

From capture to destruction – provides all that!

Capture of material

In the process of capturing documentary materials, the automation of individual activities substantially reduces the time needed to capture documents, also reducing the number of errors.

The system enables automatic submission of already created e-documents from various local applications and environments by way of pre-determined procedures and processes. It also enables the capture and conversion of paper documents.

Documentary material is captured individually or collectively in the system (simultaneous capture of large units of documentary material).

Management and use of the archives

Access and search for stored material

An advanced archive search system is available to access the stored material. The system provides access to the stored material throughout the term of storage. Various options of accessing the stored material are specified at the level of a particular user.

Editing metadata

Changing document metadata and eliminating the errors made during the procedure of document capture.

Audit trails and document approval

The service of document approval includes all activities needed to provide the audit trail, authenticity and integrity of the stored documents. The latter are managed in the protected electronic archiving environment, which cannot be changed and is not accessible to users.

Destruction of material

Document deletion includes all activities needed for legally compliant destruction of the documents stored in the system for which the storage period, as laid down in the storage policy for the pertaining classification level, has expired (applicable to documents not defined as archival documents).

Using online functions, the destruction of documents may be launched manually by the user of the system with an adequate level of user rights.

The system enables the automatic preparation of a list of materials for destruction, the storage period of which has expired.


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