e-Accounts® is a fundamental process solution for comprehensive invoice management. A part of our purchasing management solution, it ensures stable operations and cash flow management.


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e-Računi (e-Invoices)

The process solution is used by medium and large enterprises, and is also suitable for smaller ones. Preparers, validators/decision-makers and Accounts Payable benefit from the speed, traceability and transparency in the approval process, resulting in faster completion of monthly reports. The solution supports branch offices and work-at-home and on the move, making it possible to approve invoices anywhere and anytime.

Back-office system integration is implemented via web services or exchange tables. This includes the code lists for the solution, users from the Active Directory (AD) and integration with back-office system, which enables two-way communication such as invoice parking, invoice data exchange, displaying images from the back-office system and extraction of invoice payment information. Our references include integrations with SAP, DBusiness Central (Navision), Exapta, AS400, Perftech Largo, LaserLine and many others.

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